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M A D E  I N  I T A L Y

Friendships formed in the school playground or classroom frequently last for a long time but in the case of two Bath men it's become a business partnership that's over 25 years.


Mike Sardo & Colino. Both became trainee barbers when they left school at Saville Row opposite the main post office. "We just fell into it. I worked there for four years and he was there for two years." Said Mike. Overnight came a chance to set up business together."We heard that this place was on the market and just went for it, all over 24 hours," Says Colino.


This place was Bath Barbers Company in Dorchester Street opposite the railway station. At the time, Mike was just 20 and Colino, a year older. Their parents had to act as guarantors to the loan that helped them buy the business. It had been launched as a Barber shop 18 months earlier. This meant that there were some regular customers but it took a lot of hard work to build up the business to what it is now."We used to work six or seven days a week to get it going. "We used to come down on clean it up on Sundays because It was so busy during the week.